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Heat & Glo Primo II 72" Linear Gas Fireplace PRIMO-II-72

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Create a place you’re looking forward to each day—and can enjoy in any season or climate. At its heart is a sleek showpiece, the Primo II luxury linear gas fireplace. Tailor the look to fit your decor. Choose low or no heat. Then kick back with family or friends at a time when rest and rejuvenation have never been more important.


  • DIRECT VENT TECHNOLOGY Removes any fumes or combustion exhaust efficiently and effectively from your home.
  • LED MULTI-COLORED FIREBED LIGHTING Creates high-contrast, brilliant lighting in a chosen hue or continuously cycles through colors.
  • SAFESURFACE GLASS Double-pane glass to keep heat away without a screen providing the best view of the flame.
  • LOW HEAT OUTPUT Enjoy year-round comfort with the Primo II linear gas fireplace and its trailblazing control for low or no heat.
  • UNCOMPROMISED DESIGN Bring sheet rock, wood panels or other heat-sensitive materials right up to the opening of the fireplace.


  • 58,500 - 42,000 BTU/Hour Input (NG)
  • 55,000 - 45,000 BTU/Hour Input (LP)
  • 72" W x 18" H Glass Viewing Size
  • When Terminating Horizontal the HZTERM-ADP Kit Is Required Along With a Standard Trap Cap
  • Intellifire Touch 2.0 Ignition System
  • Crushed Glass Media Only (not included): 5 Bags
  • RC-450 Remote Control
  • Crushed Glass Media With Logs (not included): 4 Bags
  • Multi-Colored LED Lights
  • Stones (not included): use only 1 set, requires media, cannot be used with logs
  • 6" Outside Air Starting Collar & Exterior Hood (6" Insulated Flex Sold Separately)
  • Advanced Technology Product Training Required Before Product Ships
  • Suction Cups Recommended (Not Included) to Install and Remove Safe Surface & Firebox Glass

Required to Complete - Sold Separately:

  • SafeSurface Glass (QTY 1)
  • Liner Kit
  • Crushed Glass Media
  • 6" Insulated Flex Duct


PRIMO72 Primo II Linear Gas Fireplace Specs

Primo II 72 

Manual & Brochure 


1. Choose Front (required):

  • 72" SafeSurface Barrier Glass (GLASS-SS-72)

2. Choose Media (required):

  • Copper Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-CP)
  • Crystal Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-CY)
  • Graphite Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-GT)
  • Smoked Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-SM)
  • River Rock Stone Set (requires media) (STONES-72)

3. Choose Liner Kit (Required to Complete)

  • 72" Architectural Fiber Refractory (ACT-PR-72)
  • 72" Black Glass Liner - Fluted (BGK-FL-PR-72)
  • 72" Black Glass Liner - 2 sided Reflective/Printed Marble (BGK-MRB-PR-72)
  • 72" Stone Column Fiber Refractory (COL-PR-72)

4. Choose Venting (Required to Complete)

  • Insulated Flex Duct - Chimney Air Kits/Flex Duct
    6" (152mm) insulated flex duct for use with outside air kit - includes two 42"
    (1065mm) sections (ID6)
  • 6" Insulated Flex Duct - 6" (152mm) insulated flex duct for outside air - 25' (FLEXDUCT6AI)

5. Choose Conversion Kit

  • LP Conversion Kit for Primo II Series (LPK-PRIMOII)

6. Choose Gas Logs - Log Set Option

  • 60" & 72" Birch Log Set (Requires Crushed Glass Media) (BIRLG-LIN-LG)
  • 60" & 72" Driftwood Log Set (Requires Crushed Glass Media) (DWLG-LIN-LG)
  • 60" & 72" Traditional Log Set (Requires Crushed Glass Media) (OAKLG-LIN-LG)

7. Choose Options & Accessories

  • Reusable Carry Handle for use with PRIMO-II (1 pcs, need 2 per unit) (CARRY-HANDLE)
  • Heat management - Heat Zone Duct Kit - Includes Unit Collar, 10" x 4" x 6" 90 Degree Register Duct
    Boot, 10" x 4" White Sidewall and Ceiling Register, 25' of 6" Insulated Flex Duct (PRIMO-HEAT-DUCT)
  • IntelliFire Wi-Fi Module that works with the IntelliFire iOS and Android app. Use
    to control all the features of your fireplace via a smart device. An RC400,
    RC450 or RC150 is required for thermostat control (IFT-WFM)
  • IntelliFire Touch 2.0 Premium AUX Module. Controls Lights, Fans, Power Vents,
    or Heat Management. Does not include RC450 Touchscreen remote (IFT2-PACM)
  • IntelliFire Touch 2.0 touchscreen remote and docking station. Controls flame
    On/Off, Lights, Fans, Heat Management, Timer, Thermostat, Flame Height,
    On-screen maintenance and troubleshooting notifications (IFT2-PACM sold
    separately) (IFT2-RC450)
  • Universally compatible with IntelliFire Touch and IntelliFire Touch 2.0 systems.
    White wireless wall switch for On/Off and Cold Climate control (IFT-RC150U)

8. Choose Termination Kits

  • Horizontal Termination Adaptor Kit - Includes Base and Face Trim (Required
    For All Horizontal Terminations, To Be Used With Standard DVP and SLP Trap
    Caps) (HZTERM-ADP)

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