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Heat & Glo Primo II 48" Double-Sided See-Through Gas Fireplace PRIMO-II-48ST

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Elevate two spaces at once with a sleek showpiece for any season or climate. Tailor it to fit your decor. Choose low or no heat. And kick back with family or friends when rest and rejuvenation have never been more important.


  • DIRECT VENT TECHNOLOGY Removes any fumes or combustion exhaust efficiently and effectively from your home.
  • LED MULTI-COLORED FIREBED LIGHTING Creates high-contrast, brilliant lighting in a chosen hue or continuously cycles through colors.
  • SAFESURFACE GLASS Double-pane glass to keep heat away without a screen providing the best view of the flame.
  • LOW HEAT OUTPUT Enjoy year-round comfort with the Primo II linear gas fireplace and its trailblazing control for low or no heat.
  • UNCOMPROMISED DESIGN Bring sheet rock, wood panels or other heat-sensitive materials right up to the opening of the fireplace.


  • 45,000 - 31,500 BTU/Hour Input (NG)
  • 45,000 - 31,500 BTU/Hour Input (LP)
  • 48" W x 18" H Glass Viewing Size
  • When Terminating Horizontal the HZTERM-ADP Kit Is Required Along With a Standard Trap Cap
  • Intellifire Touch 2.0 Ignition System
  • Crushed Glass Media Only (not included): 4 Bags
  • RC-450 Remote Control
  • Crushed Glass Media With Logs (not included): 3 Bags
  • Multi-Colored LED Lights
  • Stones (not included): use only 1 set, requires media, cannot be used with logs
  • 6" Outside Air Starting Collar & Exterior Hood (6" Insulated Flex Sold Separately)
  • Advanced Technology Product Training Required Before Product Ships
  • Suction Cups Recommended (Not Included) to Install and Remove Safe Surface & Firebox Glass

Required to Complete - Sold Separately:

  • SafeSurface Glass (QTY 2)
  • Liner Kit
  • Crushed Glass Media
  • 6" Insulated Flex Duct


PRIMO48ST 48" See-Through Primo II Double-Sided Gas Fireplace Specs

Primo II 48ST

Manual & Brochure 


1. Choose Front (required):
a. 48" SafeSurface Barrier Glass (qty 2) (GLASS-SS-48)

2. Choose Media (required):
a. Copper Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-CP)
b. Crystal Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-CY)
c. Graphite Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-GT)
d. Smoked Embers - Crushed Glass Media (1 bag, 5lbs) (MEDIA-SM)
e. River Rock Stone Set (requires glass media) (STONES-48)

3. Choose Liner Kit (required):
a. See Through Architectural Fiber Refractory (ACT-PR-ST)
b. See Through Black Glass Liner - Fluted (BGK-FL-PR-ST)
c. See Through Black Glass Liner - 2 Sided Reflective/Printed Marble (BGK-MRB-PR-ST)
d. See Through Stone Column Fiber Refractory (COL-PR-ST)

4. Choose Venting (required):
a. 6" (152mm) insulated flex duct for use with outside air kit - includes two 42 (1065mm) sections (ID6)
b. 6" (152mm) insulated flex duct for outside air - 25' (FLEXDUCT6AI)

5. Choose Gas Log Set:
a. 48" Birch Log Set (Requires Crushed Glass Media) (BIRLG-LIN-SM)
b. 48" Driftwood Log Set (Requires Crushed Glass Media) (DWLG-LIN-SM)
c. 48" Traditional Log Set (Requires Crushed Glass Media) (OAKLG-LIN-SM)

6. Choose Upgrades:
a. LP Conversion Kit for Primo II Series (LPK-PRIMOII)
b. Reusable Carry Handle for use with PRIMO-II (1 pcs, need 2 per unit) (CARRY-HANDLE)
c. Heat Zone Duct Kit - Includes Unit Collar, 10" x 4" x 6" 90 Degree Register Duct
Boot, 10" x 4" White Sidewall and Ceiling Register, 25' of 6" Insulated Flex Duct (PRIMO-HEAT-DUCT)
d. 48" Indoor/Outdoor Kit (for use with PRIMO-II-48ST) (ODK-PR-48)

7. Choose Controls/Remotes/Wall Switches:
a. IntelliFire Wi-Fi Module that works with the IntelliFire iOS and Android app. Use
to control all the features of your fireplace via a smart device. An RC400,
RC450 or RC150 is required for thermostat control (IFT-WFM)
b. IntelliFire Touch 2.0 Premium AUX Module. Controls Lights, Fans, Power Vents,
or Heat Management. Does not include RC450 Touchscreen remote (IFT2-PACM)
c. IntelliFire Touch 2.0 touchscreen remote and docking station. Controls flame
On/Off, Lights, Fans, Heat Management, Timer, Thermostat, Flame Height,
On-screen maintenance and troubleshooting notifications (IFT2-PACM sold
separately) (IFT2-RC450)
d. Universally compatible with IntelliFire Touch and IntelliFire Touch 2.0 systems. White wireless wall switch for On/Off and Cold Climate control (IFT-RC150U)

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